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The Best Overall Progressive Lens
powered by Behavioral AI

We live on the go, hyper connected. With more than 100,000 movements per day our eyes need to do extra efforts to maintain sharpness while we are in motion. 

Varilux® XR series is the first eye-responsive progressive lens powered by behavioral artificial intelligence. Beyond prescription and eye physiology the design now considers vidual behavior, a preriquisite for fast and precise eye movements.

Based on the research of more than 1 million data points, for every single wearer prescription, the visual behavior profile is predicted to design a progressive lens that respects the natural eye movements. Sourc: Essilor

Varilux® XR series predicts progressive lens wearers' visual behavior (gaze lowering and object distances), thereby responding to how their eyes really move. This ensures sharp and fluid vision. 

Available at Jeffrey's Manhattan Eyeland, the Essilor Experts partner

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