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More From Our Customers

“This is an exceptional business run by an exceptional man.  He is intensely interested in getting things absolutely right for his customers.  Not only have I gotten great glasses and frames at very reasonable prices, but, even more importantly, Jeffrey advised me on my rather complicated prescription, which was not quite right.  He took a lot of time to help me make the necessary adjustments, then called my ophthalmologist to clarify matters.  What service! He has a lot of knowledge, wants to educate his customers, and I trust him so much that I have recommended him to many people.  I couldn't be happier, and, believe me, I am a picky New Yorker!”  Debra L.

     "It is a cozy place that has a neighborhood feel and provides the latest in optical technology and expert solutions to the myriad eye problems with which we all deal.  I have been a regular customer for fifteen years, and Jeffery - who is not only friendly on a one-to-one basis but introduces all of the customers who might be in the store together by first name - spends whatever time is needed to make sure that I'm comfortable with the results of my glasses.  He is extremely knowledgeable about optical and ophthalmological issues and readily and clearly explains how specific eye conditions and optics interconnect, providing the best possible solution for each individual problem.  And he keeps working with customers - including remaking lenses numerous times - with patience and a good deal of humor in order to arrive at the right resolution.  Five stars and then some to Jeffrey and Manhattan Eyeland.”  Chester B. 

     “Jeffrey, who runs the shop, is a brilliant, talented, gem-of-a-man, eye-guy. I was there today extremely stressed out because my elderly mother needed glasses but refused to go out to the store. He accommodated me in every possible way, first offering me two pairs of discounted frames to take her so she could choose.  And when she still refused to come in for a fitting, he had a solution. HE MADE A HOUSE CALL AND WENT TO HER! (and refused to be paid for this service). This is Manhattan. And this doesn't happen. I never burst into tears in a store, but I did today. Tears of joy. Jeff cares about his customers. And every one of the customers I saw in the store today seemed to adore him - and their glasses. Go to this guy. He's unbelievable and a rare find.”  Janice H.

I had the best experience at Jeffrey’s Manhattan Eyeland, the optician at 2391 Broadway in NYC . It was absolutely fabulous.... Jeffrey spent two hours with me and I have never had such a thorough understanding of what kind of glasses, lenses, very precise fit and adjustments, and frames are exactly right for me was really an education. I ordered sturdier and and beautiful new glasses that will give me better vision (including at night), protection against bright lights. Norma Rosenberg

     “Jeffrey has found solutions to my vision ware issues that no one else could. I have a difficult issue (which includes vertigo, dizziness, light sensitivity, migraine) that requires precision in my glasses, adjustments in fitting, and special coatings. He knows how to deal with these problems and has access to the latest products out there for precise, high quality lenses, and correct coatings. Jeffrey came up with the special coating and lens type for my issues and it makes a huge difference in how I am able to function. He will not sell you product that is not perfectly cut or right for your vision needs. This means you have the best vision possible with your prescription. He has been a great professional to work with me on my vision issues for many years now.”  T.S.

     “I've been getting my eyeglasses from Jeffrey's Manhattan Eyeland for at least a dozen years and I keep coming back.  My vision is not great, and I've had 2 surgical procedures on my eyes, so it's important to me to get the best fit for my glasses.  Jeffrey has been great in this regard; he spends a lot of time measuring and fitting my glasses, with excellent results.  Because I prefer wire rimmed glasses, they sometimes get bent out of shape or break, but Jeffrey has been a saint in refitting them or repairing them, or finding replacement parts.  And the quality of the lenses I receive is excellent.

     I appreciate a neighborhood store where the owner knows my name and greets me when I come into the store. He has always filled out the forms I need to get some reimbursement from my Insurance plan.  There are times when he is busy, and you have to wait what seems like a long time. And sometimes he has interrupted working with me, to have a conversation with someone else in the store, which I find disconcerting. I can imagine Jeffrey being ill mannered with some customers in certain situations.  I have observed instances of people coming into the store and looking at lots of frames, but then leave and use this information to try to get a bargain through mail order.  This might be acceptable behavior in a large chain store, but is a deceitful practice in a family business.
     Jeffrey's prices are not low - he tends to sell high-end frames and lenses, though he does a have some moderately priced options, but you get what you pay for.  And he has always been up front with his pricing.”  Frank C.

     “I have been a customer at Jeffrey's for many years and have purchased many pairs of eyeglasses there, always receiving excellent service.  His selection of frames is diverse and widely fashionable.  His attention to detail is always present.  I recently experienced the need for an emergency repair, right at closing time and Jeffrey's personal care reminded me why I purchase my glasses from an independent store.  Yes, it is more costly, but well, well worth the difference.”  Karen R.

     "The glasses both my husband and I got are the best we've ever had--fit and clarity of vision are great! He is expensive, it's true, but he puts a great deal of effort into each customer's product, and that really makes a difference. I hope people who go will understand that these are top-notch frames and lenses and appreciate Jeffrey's expertise and professional commitment to excellence.”  Geraldine D.

     “Jeffrey's Eyeland is an experience.  First, there's Jeffrey: A brilliant person with a crackling sense of humor.   In addition to that, he's a renaissance man who seems have a deep knowledge about many things---and especially optics and eyeglasses.  He assessed my eye needs accurately and quickly and fitted me with the best-wearing pair of eyeglasses I've ever had.  Often, I forget I'm wearing glasses.  My motto about life is that if you have a good pair of glasses and a good mattress, you can endure pretty much anything life throws your way.  Now, i have the glasses.”  Philip S.

     “Jeffrey has been great to work with - always helps me find the right style and has corrected mistakes that other opticians made. 

My spouse loves him, too.   Prices are about the same as other stores and he is very patient.”  Sara M.

     “I've used Jeffrey's for 4 years and have always found him to be helpful, funny, chatty, and fair.   He has always taken the time to attend to all my needs, whether they be sunglasses, kids' glasses, progressive glasses.  He has an awesome collection of frames and a competent staff.”  Sara A.

     "I have been going to Jeffrey's for years.  The selection is great and they are meticulous about making sure that the glasses are perfect. He will spend as long as it takes helping you select the right frame and checking your eyes so that the lens is made correctly.”  Jennie K.

     "I live in this neighborhood and have found them to always be not only extremely knowledgeable but also extremely nice and helpful.  I must say that I have seen some nasty customers come in and I have never seen the staff treat them with anything other than patience and respect.  They have a great selection of frames and good modern technology that yields an excellent pair of eyeglasses.  Other eyeglass stores in the neighborhood seem to want to sell you something.  At Jeffrey's they seem more interested in gaining a long term customer."  Spenser A.

     “Fantastic!. My eye was hurting and and Saturday no doctor was in and he found me a dr who came to the office just for me. I couldn't say more nice things about this place. Thank you so much.”  Margo L.

     “Jeffrey's Manhattan Eyeland is an excellent place to shop for glasses. The staff is very friendly... Wait let me start at the beginning. What got me into the shop was the art work in the window. Clearly a young artist, I assumed the child of someone who worked there or maybe a neighborhood kid. I liked that "feeling". That drew me in. What kept me there was the fantastic selection, frames I've not seen in other area shops. I love glasses and this is a candy store.  Reasonable priced to very expensive. I worked with Jeffery for much of the time, he spent well over an hour with me, trying on frames, making suggestions, etc. People came and went, we all talked, a very friendly vibe. I got opinions from other customers.. finally made a choice. I must have tried on 60 frames.  My glasses were ready sooner than they had told me to expect them, that was a welcome surprise. I recently went back and asked to change the tint... adjust the glasses... I will be going back again.”  Joel L.

 "Jeffrey, Time could never repay your kindness. With gratitude, Gary

    “Great, very classy customer service, very pleased. Love the show "Madam Secretary" and admire Tea Leoni. Wondered about those beautiful glasses the entire first season:) When she tweeted that they were hers, from Jeffrey, we called him up last week. He was very friendly and laid back, and offered to send a pair, to see if I like them. They arrived within a week, are so chic that I am ordering a second pair in black ( this one is purple ), are lightweight like a feather and came in a cool i Green triangular case. Superb customer service, definitely recommend to all like the previous two reviewers! There are several blogs about the show where women who maybe didn't find Tea's tweet are wondering where to get these. I will let them know. Thanks for nothing short of excellence, Jeff!”  Maisie B.

 “I liked everything about Jeffrey's Eyeland, from the Jeffrey, to his selection of eyewear, to his location, and solid business acumen. I think he is rather advanced in his exam equipment and he loves the best quality stuff and knows that stuff is expensive, kinda like me, I know the best stuff is expensive, too. He was warm, and personable, almost taking me into his family. Frankly, I felt kinda flattered by the attention he gave. He is striving to achieve, I believe, and I am all for him.”  Eva U.

     “Jeffrey won my respect and admiration.  From another optician, my husband had no success in getting eyeglasses that enabled him to read and view the computer screen clearly and without suffering headaches. When Jeffrey heard about these problems, rather than just filling the prescription, Jeffrey took added time (a couple of hours, in fact) to figure out why two prior pairs of glasses in the past several months had failed.  He suggested that the prescription was wrong and followed up with a phone call with the ophthalmologist to give his observations. The ophthalmologist reconsidered and provided a new prescription. Jeffrey had the glasses made, and finally, success at last. It would have been very easy for him just to fill the prescription as presented, but he went above and beyond.”  Eillen L.

"I am a dentist and need accurate and stylish glasses. Only Jeffrey delivered the results I need. Highly recommended"  A. G.

     “Having recently relocated to the Upper West Side, I'm delighted to have found Jeffrey and his helpful team.  I find Jeffrey a pleasure to work with, and very honest, straight-up and fair.  While grinding lenses for two custom sets of reading glasses, he concluded, after trying several approaches, that lenses could not be ground for the frames I selected that would align properly optically for me, and he invited me in to look at alternative frames.  He was able to find frames I liked that ultimately saved me 50% on what I would have otherwise spent, and threw in a few extra items for my inconvenience in waiting an extra day while they tried to find lenses that worked for the frames I originally selected.  A class act.”  Scott A.

     “Great local business, Jeff is very helpful, friendly, and hilarious. He is a great sales man and is extremely talented at crafting glasses. I recommend to all. He recommended the best lenses for my eyes as I have a very very tricky prescription; and has been the only guy who can cut the lenses perfectly for my eyes.”  Jacob B.

     “Had a great experience at this store. Jeffrey walked me through the steps to getting my UFT insurance to cover the frames, and he spent over an hour helping choose the frames that fit best. The frames I selected were on sale, but he and I both agreed they looked best. He did not push me into my second choice, which cost $200 more than the ones I selected. Would definitely go back.”  Sophie S.

     “My family purchased over the last few years 6 pairs of glasses. My wife and I have had only positive experiences with Jeffrey's Manhattan Eyeland. They were very professional and courteous. ... as far as my family is concerned they have better choices of eyeglasses and we will shop there again.”  Tony G.

     “I have been a customer of Jeffrey's for years and have always appreciated their great service.  They have been prompt in terms of delivery and have made great suggestions, like my "office lens" reading glasses that have revolutionized my life.  And when I was worrying about whether I was going to pass the DMV driver's license renewal eye test, Jeffrey tested me on the spot.  (I passed!)  Great neighborhood asset!”  Cathrine S.

     "I just walked in, and sat down to talk with the owner, and was so impressed with his knowledge and his taste that I wound up buying lenses from him.  I spent a little more than I intended, mostly because he did a superb job of explaining what I would get for the extra money -- and when I picked them up less than a week later, which was earlier than I'd expected, they proved to be the best glasses I've ever bought.  I went back today for a new pair of regular glasses, and Jeffrey and [Karina] spent nearly an hour helping me pick out new frames, waiting patiently while I texted photos to my girlfriend to get her to sign off on the choice, chatting pleasantly and laughing and nerding out over curvature of different lenses and shapes of frames.  I have no doubt that my glasses, when they're ready next week, will be fantastic.  This is a great shop, providing great glasses and stellar service and a tremendous amount of expertise about optics -- it's well worth paying a little more to come here."  Steven H.

     “So I lost an essential component to my frames that I purchased last summer from Jeffrey's Manhattan Eyeland.  Emailed Jeffrey since I'm not in NYC and can't stop by the store.  He responded within 24 hours and I received the needed part within 48 hours at no charge. Talk about good customer service.”  Maria L.

     “I recently bought my first pair of glasses and I was very impressed with Jeffrey's knowledge, attentiveness and patience.  It takes a long time to choose and fit glasses properly and feel comfortable with the prescription and fit and he is an expert.”  R. M.

     “I am extremely pleased with Jeffrey's Manhattan Eyeland. Jeffrey is quite knowledgeable and spends the time to educate his clients. The finished products received has always drawn positive complements from all that saw it. His service was fast, efficient and thorough.”  Arnold G.  

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